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Services Galloway Controls can offer you PLC, HMI and Drives set-up, design and commissioning on legacy systems as well as new technology. Manufacturers include Siemens, Reliance/Rockwell/Allen Bradley, Eurotherm PC3000, Axeda Wizcon, Intellution Fix32/iFix.

We have high level expertise available in the following areas:


Siemens S5 and S7 product families

Reliance/Rockwell/Allen Bradley complete families of PLC/PAC systems


Siemens WinCC HMI applications, Rockwell/Allen Bradley RS View, Axeda Wizcon, Intellution Fix32.


Siemens, ABB, Allen Bradley/Rockwell,  Eurotherm, Reliance AC/DC drives

Additional expertise in Siemens Simadyn drives regulation PLC.

Galloway Controls have a proven track record in the area of legacy system replacement where we have successfully replaced existing push button control stations with WinCC HMI terminals and configured via various communications interfaces to Siemens PLC’s as well as Rockwell/Allen Bradley and Eurotherm PC3000’s.

Technical Services